Whether you are currently facing a combination of hardships or are looking to develop a more fulfilling and enjoyable life, I invite you to start today on a positive path to greater self-awareness, inner peace, and respect for yourself and others.

In 30+ years of psychological practice, I have worked with clients as they:

Managed and reduced their anxiety;
Stopped panic attacks;
Managed many different kinds of stress;
Improved and rebuilt key relationships;
Broke free of old patterns and self-imposed

Ended and moved on from key relationships;
Worked through difficult decisions;
Moved past their interior barriers to happiness;
Adopted healthier lifestyles;
Gained self-confidence;

Improved work performance and satisfaction;
Took control of important aspects of their lives;
Increased enjoyment and satisfaction in their lives;
Lived more of their lives in the present moment.

I will help you mobilize your strengths and inner resources to make the kinds of gains listed above and accomplish your personal goals. Please take the time to look at the other information provided on this website to decide if we might begin working together to enhance your life.

Please call or email me for an individual or couples consultation today.

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