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Professional Resume




Personal Data:


            Birth Date:              January 27, 1951

            Marital Status:        Married, 3 adult children

            Office Address:      4450 Carver Woods Drive

                                             Cincinnati, Ohio  45242

                                             (513) 984-9940




         Ph.D.        June, 1977.  University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio  

                           Dissertation:  "Social Competence and Construing
                                                 Peers."  Drs.
John J. Steffen, Daniel
                                                 Langmeyer, and Daniel Wheeler.


         M.A.          August, 1975.  University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,
                       Ohio 45221.

                              Thesis:  "Social Competence and the Selective
                 Perception of Social Cues."  Drs. John J.
                 Steffen and Daniel Langmeyer.


         B.A.           1973.  Williams College.  Williamstown, Massachusetts



Academic Honors:


            Phi Beta Kappa

            Cum Laude

            Highest Honors in Psychology


Other Honors:


            Participant in the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce's

            "Leadership Cincinnati" program, 1979-1980.

            Physician Leadership and Management Program, 1997-1998


Professional Affiliations:


            American Psychological Association

            Ohio Psychological Association

            Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology





            Licensed Psychologist, State of Ohio, December 1978, #2775.


Board Memberships:


            1984 - Present    Board of Directors, Columbia Savings Bank,
                                        411 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio  45220.

            1994-2007  Board of Directors, Ohio Psychological Assn.

                                                                                              President 1999-2000.                        

            1984 - 1987, 1989,  Board of Directors, Cincinnati Academy of

            2001-2007               Professional Psychology. President in 1986.


            1978 - 1981             Board of Directors, Cincinnati Restoration, Inc.,

                                            65 West McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio  
President in 1981.



Community Involvement:     Wyoming City Public Schools:  Community

1994-1999                                   Advisory Committee, Long Term Planning Committee,
Facilities Review Committee, Tax
Levy Co-Chair.


Clinical Experience:

            1978 - Present      Private psychological practice.


            1977 - 1982           Director of Treatment, Talbert House, Inc.,

                                          328 McGregor Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio  45219. 
                                          Conducted outcome program evaluation for

correctional halfway house programs.  Provided
training to staff members. Directed a national effort to provide program evaluation in correctional halfway houses.


            1980 - 1983                           Supervisor, Walk-In-Center, University of Cincinnati. 

                                                            Supervised psychology and nursing graduate

                                                            students, family practice residents, and rabbinical

                                                            students in a crisis intervention clinic.



Teaching and Consultation Experience:


            2004 - Present                    Adjunct Faculty, Xavier University Clinical Psychology Graduate Program.


           2006-2007                           Adjunct Faculty, University of Cincinnati, Clinical

                                                       Psychology Graduate Program.


            1992 - 1994                    Consultant to the Practice Directorate of the American Psychological Association.  Consultant regarding managed mental health care, outcome evaluation, and mental health care delivery system reform.


            1991 - Present                      Management Consultant, Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, Marion Merrill Dow, Jesuit Community at Xavier University, Procter & Gamble, Delta Airlines, Champion International.


            1985 - 1993                           Clinical Consultant, Concern Employee Assistance



            1976 - Present                      Have conducted workshops on halfway house evaluation, teaching job seeking skills, social skills training, assertion training, human sexuality, substance abuse, marriage enrichment, stress management, career paths for psychologists, dreamwork, meditation, and psychology and spirituality.                    


            1975 - 1976                           Graduate Assistant, University of Cincinnati

                                                            (Instructor, Daniel Wheeler, Ph.D.).  Taught

                                                            "Practicum in Thinking" covering problem solving,

                                                            decision-making, and creative problem solving




Research and Evaluation Experience:


            1980 - 1990                           Private program evaluation business. 

                                                            Conducted outcome based program evaluation

                        Work on a contract basis with correctional halfway

                        house agencies in Ohio, Texas, Nevada, and

                        Washington, D.C.



            1981 - 1987                           Consultant on Program Evaluation, Hamilton

                                                            County Community Mental Health Board,

                                                            801-A W. Eighth St., Cincinnati, Ohio  45202. 

                                                            Consultant to direct the implementation of

                                                            outcome evaluation research in publicly funded

                                                            mental health agencies.


            1973 - 1977                           Worked extensively with John F. Steffen, Ph.D., Daniel Langmeyer, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati on developing a conceptual model for the study of social competence and on methods of measurement of social behavior.


            1972 - 1973                           Undergraduate research assistant to George R. Goethals, Ph.D., at Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.  01267.  Worked as National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellow. Designed, ran, analyzed, and wrote up experiments on group composition preferences, attitude consistency, impression management theory, and attribution theory.



Papers and Publications:


            Reckman, Richard F. and Goethals, George R.  Deviancy and Group

                        Orientation as Determinants of Group Composition Preferences.

                        Sociometry, 1973 Vol. 36, No. 3, 419-423.


            Goethals, George R. and Reckman, Richard F.  The Perception of

                        Consistency in Attitudes.  Journal of Experimental Social

                        Psychology, 9, 491-501 (1973).


            Goethals, George R. and Reckman, Richard F.  The Perception of

                        Consistency in Attitudes.  Paper presented at the annual meeting

                        of the Eastern Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.,  May, 1973.


            Goethals, George R. and Reckman, Richard F., and Rothman, Robert E.

                        Impression Management as a Determinant of Attitude Statements.

                        Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International

                        Communication Association, Berlin, West Germany, May, 1977.


            Steffen, John J. and Reckman, Richard F.  Selective Perception and

                        Interpretation of Interpersonal Clues in Dyadic Interactions, Journal of

                        Psychology, 1978, Vol. 99, pgs. 245-298.




            Wheeler, Daniel and Reckman, Richard F.  Detailed outline of the Practicum

                        in Thinking.  In Daniel Wheeler and William Dember (Eds.), Practicum

                        in Thinking.  Published by the University of Cincinnati, 1979.


            Reckman, Richard F.  Evaluating Correctional Halfway Houses.  Paper

                        presented at the annual meeting of the International Halfway House

                        Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August, 1979.


            Reckman, Richard F.  A National Effort to Evaluate Halfway Houses.  Paper

                        presented at the annual meeting of the International Halfway House

                        Association in San Diego, California, August, 1980.


            Goethals, George R. and Reckman, Richard F. Recalling Previously Held

                        Attitudes.  In Ulric Neisser (Ed.), Memory Observed: Remembering in

                        Natural Contexts.  W.H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, 1982.


           Reckman, Richard F.  First Person Essay.  In David Sue et al., Understanding

                        Abnormal  Behavior-Fourth Edition.  Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston,



           Reckman, Richard F.  Administrative and Managerial Demands in Independent

                        Practice.  Paper presented at the convention of the American

                        Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada, August, 1993.


References available upon request.





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